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In A Clockwork Orange, Alex is portrayed as two different people living within the same body. As a mischievous child raping the world, he as seen as filth. His actions and blatant disrespect towards society are categorized under that of the common street bum. However, when he is away from his evening attire, he is that of suave. His clothing, his words, his overall attitude. The distinction between the two is triggered by the gentle sounds of Ludwig Van Beethoven. The psychology of Alex would be that of a serial killer. He is a classic example of Darwin's, Skinner's, Freud's, Erikson's, and Adler's major theories. Alex is not truly close to any other person that he comes in contact within the film. He is using his parents for a place to live, and they show no emotion towards him, good or bad. His love for his gang is not that of a male/male platonic relationship that is common in brotherhoods. It is that of a marriage of like interests, when the parties involved loathe each other personally. Society is against him for all his mortal sins. The only living creature that he shows love for is his snake. Darwin's theory of man having the same thought process's of animals holds an interesting bearing upon Alex. Alex's love is for his snake. Generally love is defined by an understanding, or a closeness between two items. The snake is represented by many things in the natural world today. Freud's analyzation for the male closeness to the snake is that the person involved is questioning his sexuality, or his love towards the female gender. Alex keeps coming back to his snake after on his nights the town, and his first concern with life after he is paroled is his dear snake. This, combined with the fact that keeps his snake in a chest under his bed ( the most recognized sexual item in an average household), show's his inadequacies with his sexual performance and his

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