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Review 1. What is the sequence that best reflects the order in which memory processes occur, from first to last. Encode Store Retrieve 2. Which are the first three memory processes identified at the beginning of chapter 7 in your text? Encode, Store, Retrieve When we use the term remembering in day to day life, we are making reference to the memory process of what? Retrieval 3. Amelia remarks that she needs to learn her text’s section on the structure of her brain for an upcoming test. Brian responds that he could not remember the functions of the hippocampus on the test the preceding day. With respect to the three memory processes described in your text. Amelia is making reference to ENCODING. Brian is making reference to RETRIEVAL. 4. When answering such questions as “who was your date to the Junior prom?” or “which costume did you wear last Halloween?” you are relying most explicitly on the memory process of: Retrieval 5. Claire pressed on her keyboard to save a document she had been editing. A file is then created on her computer’s hard drive. Claire’s action is most nearly analogue to the memory activity of ECODING. The computer’s hard drive is similar to the LONG-TERM memory in the three stages of memory module. 6. Which of the following sequences best reflects the order of the stages in the three-stage module of memory? a) Sensory- Short Term- Long Term 7. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between iconic and echonic memory on one hand and sensory on the other. “ They are both part of the sensory memory.” 8. Information may last for 1 seconds in sensory memory: the capacity of sensory memory is VERY VAST. 9. Rehearsal serves to : a) Refresh sensory memory. b) Keep info in short term memory. c) Transfer info to long term memory. d) Both B and C 10. The constant repetition
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