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Ethical Decision Making Kathleen Marsh Survey or Professional Psychology/Psych-545 April 4, 2011 Kristi Collins-Johns, Psy.D Ethical Decision Making in Psychology This paper will present an ethical dilemma, and discussion of the first 14 of 18 steps to identify and resolve this and any ethical dilemma in the field of psychology through the application of these steps in the decision making process. In addition, there will be an explanation of the importance of ethical decision making in professional psychology. Step 1 – The first thing to do is identify the situation I am a substance abuse therapist in a town in the Midwest Region of the country. A popular radio personality is admitted to a residential program for treatment of alcohol as a result of two DUI charges as well as family problems. Although this is a well-known personality in this town, many individuals in this community do not necessarily recognize him by face. He is embarrassed to have to go through residential treatment and for the sake of his family and career, wishes to keep this as confidential as possible through minimal interaction with other staff and his peers. Step 2 – This step concerns anticipation of just who my decision will affect. On the unit I work, part of the recovery and treatment process involves interaction with staff and other patients on the unit through group therapy. One of the ways patients may be identified is by their first name and last initial, although staff may identify patients with a medical record number. In addition, the intake process involves questions about residence, occupation, and other demographics. In order for this patient to be compliant, there is a chance that his identify will be revealed. In addition, any special treatment or isolation of this patient may affect other patients causing them to defocus and place more emphasis in what is

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