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There a many people in life who pass away whom we remember because they had an everlasting effect on society before their passing like MLK or Elvis, these too men will forever be remember because during their time here with us they made an impact on society. Then there are regular John Doe who they every day and the only people who remember them is family, friends and enemies who probably remember them for the wrong reasons but nevertheless the remembered after they pass, which brings me to myself I’m not as famous as Elvis I’m regular average twenty year old who’s in school and has yet to see the world. If you know me you that I’m a cool relaxed person who doesn’t really say much but always there watching and analyzing my surroundings; my family would say I’m a smart funny good kid who has always gave them plenty of laughing moments. From my younger single aged years to teenage and know in my early twenties I’ve always been there doing whatever I can to help when needed. My friends who say Stan was funny loyal and would always look out, he’d go out of his way to extend a hand and help out however he could; But what would America say. I have yet to make my own everlasting mark on society and to tell you the truth I don’t know that I will, I can say that I want to. I want the whole world to know me for something as long as if positive because I don’t believe that all publicity is good publicity. One of my favorite quotes is “A dead clocks right two times a day” once in the A.M and once in the P.M. I hear this said from Stephen A. Smith a journalist who works for ESPN whom I admire and would strive to be like. I know people would morn him if god forbid he passed away today because he was an enjoyable TV personality would always made people laugh and kept it real. I know that I love sports broadcasting and that’s a huge way to make myself known because ESPN

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