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Chapter 1: Clinical Psychology: Definition and Training * Successful completion of the postdoctoral internship authorizes a psychologist to practice independently. * FALSE * How do social workers differ from clinical psychologists? * Social workers typically lack a doctoral degree and training in assessment techniques. * The clinical psychology education and training model that emphasizes roughly equal parts science and practice is known as the Boulder model * Which of the following is true regarding graduate training in clinical psychology? Programs that subscribe to the clinical scientist model of training award the Ph.D. degree. * In what way do clinical psychology Psy.D. programs NOT tend to differ from Ph.D. programs? * Psy.D. programs generally accept and enroll a smaller number of students than Ph.D. programs * Which of the following is NOT a way in which clinical psychologists generally differ from counseling psychologists? * Clinical psychologists are more interested in vocational testing and career direction than counseling psychologists * Which of the following lists the necess ary stages for independent licensure as a clinical psychologist in order from first to last? * completion of graduate coursework, predoctoral internship, postdoctoral internship, licensure exams * The most common work setting for clinical psychologists is private practice. TRUE * Compared to the training of clinical psychologists, professional counselors typically earn a master’s degree rather than a doctoral degree. * TRUE * The professional activity clinical psychologists are most often involved in is psychotherapy * The practitioner-scholar model of training is also known as the Boulder model of training. * FALSE * What is the primary setting in which clinical

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