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Psych 515 Adhd And Ritalin Essay

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  • on April 1, 2012
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Ritalin and Mainstream Use
Robert Newton
March 3, 2012
Nicolle Ionascu, Psy. D.

Ritalin and Mainstream Use
It seems that ADHD is on the rise among today’s children.   As individuals enroll children into school, there is a certain expectation in the classroom from the teachers and other administrators at the school.   Some children present in class with the proper behavior expected, and there are some who find it hard to sit still, focus, and not fidget compulsively while listening to the teacher or working on class assignments.   These children with behavioral issues may find themselves in the principal’s office and the parents wondering what to do next.   Ritalin seems to be the therapy of choice for most practitioners when diagnosing these types of children with ADHD.   However, is Ritalin and other drugs the proper therapeutic modality for handling these types of children?   This document reviews two sides of the situation by reviewing the facts and opinions, strengths and weakness of the argument, the credibility, contemporary views, and personal thoughts on the argument.
Facts and Opinion
One of the facts presented by those against the use of stimulants is how it affects the individual taking the medication.   Halgin (2010) posited that the side effects outweigh the use in that the substance used for therapy is not beneficial to the individual taking the medication.   The effect of the medication is it “enforces submissiveness… and a reduction in spontaneous behavior make it easier for the teacher to run the classrooms without having to pay attention to an individual child” (p. 234).   Another offered fact by those who are against the strong use of stimulants is the uses of the drugs not only affect the natural functions of the brain, but they cause physical issues.   Halgin (2010) states that a child using this type of drug during the growing stages finds that there is a significant decrease in weight and growth by those who use this medication, and...

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