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Psych Essay

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  • on May 31, 2012
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Chris Gibson                                                                                                                                             12/5/2010
Fall 2010/ Psych 220-1603

                                                              Chp. 15 Psychological Disorders
Psychological Disorders   are a way of life,   but what is normal and abnormal. Normal is what   is set by our society. So abnormal is not acting up on the standards that are set. So people with disorders or phobias are abnormal because they act in way that are contrast to what is normal. But what is the mental state behind how they act. Physical illnesses, disruptions or imbalances in the body processes and genetic influence.The purpose for diagnosing   is to understand what and how the problem   started once that is done they can then work on help other with the same problems, not all disorders or phonias can or will be cured. Phobias are intense irrational   fear of an object or situation that is not likely to be dangerous. Generalized anxienty disorder is   long lasting anxiety that is not focused on any particlar object or situation.   The are a list of disorders including depression, mood, OCD, dissociative,and somatoform.

Know that I understand more about disoreders and phobias, I will not be so quick to fear what I’m not familiar with, most of them had not done anything to become that way, some was even born like that. I had a cousin panic disorder and we would go to places and she would feel like people was watching her, and she got nervus   her heart would start racing and she would breath in a paper bag. For a time I thought it was funny but I think one time she was rushed to the hospital because she couldn’t breath.This real and real people deal these phobias and disorders.

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