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Brian Rocha PSYC 305 Motivations and Leadership Professor Flowers-Ashton 10/30/2013 Week 1 Individual Assignment Part One Video Case: Toying with Success: The McFarlane Companies 1. The personality traits that Todd McFarlane possessed that distinguished him from others was that he always had great aspiration to be someone and since sports didn’t take him where he wanted to be he relied on his drawings. As a soon to be leader he took initiative to start his own company so that he can have the final say and what is sketches or characters should be. He was confident that he could produce a master art work that would catch attention so that others would buy his material and become main stream comic book artist. He started off small and know has many more task at hand to be covered from his end so that the company continues to be successful and not get in trouble with copy right infringements. He has also established himself as a sports collector with very expensive memorabilia that has generated a big buzz in the sport world. To me these are some things that he has done very well and giving examples of what a leader should do. 2. How global completion and technology has advances changed business conditions and leadership challenges, to me this may have to be a challenge for those who weren’t so tech savvy as some of the new comers that are in this industry. With the world revolving every minute and technology changing every second one must be tentative to changes that take place and need to know how to maneuver around. Global competition is big in any industry as this means the world is involved so this takes leadership to a whole new level as being a leader so that the company stays on top, a comfortable spot, or at the bottom of the totem pole. Conclusion: To be successful does not come easy for everyone as some of us may encounter

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