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University of Phoenix Material Biological Psychology Worksheet Answer the following questions in short-essay format. Be prepared to discuss your answers. 1. What is biological psychology? Biological psychology is the study of the biological or physical components of the brain and how these components influence Human psychology. Biological psychology aims to understand, make connections and influence human psychology by controlling or examining physical counterparts within the brain. 2. What is the historical development of biological psychology? Starting in the 20th century bio psychology arose as a notable discipline. D. O. Hebb Published the Organization Of Behavior (1949) which set most of the foundation for the practice. D. O. Hebb Used a trademarked bio psychological inquiry technique in order to acquire information for his theories, because he did not have MRI and PET scan technology at his disposal. Before his book it was believed that psychological phenomenon such as emotions, memory, perceptions and thoughts were far too complex to be housed or conducted within the human brain. D. O. Hebb Conducted experiments with both animals and humans with clinical case studies about observations done throughout daily life in order to develop his theories, And as a result he is the father of bio psychology. 3. Name one to three important theorists associated with biological psychology. Rene Descartes believes that the body in the mind were not interconnected. He believed that they both had completely different functions such as the body being here to help us live and navigate the physical world while the mind was more like our soul, existing as a catalyst to our emotional, intellectual and psychological abilities. The 3 primary individuals who appeared on the scene in the beginning where Donald O. Hebb, Rene Descartes, and

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