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Psy202 Essay

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  • on July 18, 2013
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In this paper I will be discussing where I am from and what I had to do to be the person that I am today.   I will be using the adult development theories as a guide to help me write this paper.
I was born in Haiti and my parents left me at 9 months old along with my 2 older brothers. My parents went to the states to make a better living for our family.   My grandmother God rest her soul raised me until I was 8 years old.   Growing up I thought my parents did not love me because they just left me with my grandmother; until my grandmother explained why they left us.   I still felt a certain way. After I turned 8 years old my parents sent for me and my 2 older brothers.   When we got to the states my parents had my sister and little brother.   Living in New York and going to school was very tough on us, we had to learn another language and other kids were picking on us because we were different. I did not like being separated from my grandmother because I considered her to be my mother.  

My grandmother was so loving, caring and so understanding.   I could talk to her about anything and she would understand. When my grandmother passed away I took it very hard because she meant a lot to me.   I just felt like she was the only one who really knew who I was and the only one I can understand me.   I had a hard time dealing with the fact that she was gone, I was not close to my parents and I felt like they were just mean because they were so strict.   Living with my grandmother was great we did not have to worry about anything but going to school and getting good grades.   Life was so simple back in Haiti, we didn’t have to worry about what we was going to eat or what we was going to wear my grandmother had it all figured out.   She just loved us with nothing attached.

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