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University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix Complete the matrix by listing out the various changes in each age group. |Developmental Stage |Physical changes |Cognitive changes |Socioemotional changes | |Infancy |Rapid increase in height and weight. Gross motor |Driven towards a goal by accommodation and |Social awareness heightens. Emotionally responsive to| | |skills improve. Head circumference increases to |coordination of reflexes. Active exploration through|familiar people or strangers. Self-awareness | | |accommodate brain development. |experimenting. Anticipate solving problems. Speak in|improves. Learns synchrony, attachment and | | | |full sentences Responding to people and objects. |independence. | |Early Childhood |Baby fat turns to muscles and lower body lengthens. |Very talkative and ask a lot of questions. Very |Emotions are regulated and controlled. More attuned | | |Small appetite, and now start to become very picky |curious and observant. Self-centered in thoughts. |to past experiences. More confidence and independence| | |eater Growth is now steady, and body becomes |Vocabulary becomes more developed and discuss |is shown. | | |proportionately thinner. |anything |

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