Psy 870 Module 4 Problem Set Answers Essay

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PSY 870 Module 4 Problem Set Answers PSY 870 Module 4 Problem Set Answers 2 × 3 Between-Subjects Factorial ANOVA: Study Environments by Gender This study investigates whether study environment affects academic performance. In addition, this study investigates whether sex of student “moderates” the effect of study environment on academic performance (that is, do males and females differ in how much benefit they get from studying in certain environments). During the first half of the spring semester, 120 male students and 120 female students in grade 10 at a public high school in a large metropolitan area in the southwestern region of the United States were randomly assigned to one of three study environment: study in front of the TV, at the library, or in the food court. The students could ONLY study in the environment to which they were assigned during the research period. At the end of the 7-week research period, mid-term GPA was computed for each student. A change score was computed for each student: each student’s spring midterm GPA was subtracted from his or her GPA for the preceding fall semester. The difference was each student’s GPA Improvement score. The GPA improvement score was used to measure academic performance. Directions: Using the SPSS 2 × 3 ANOVA data file for Module 4 (located in Topic Materials), answer the following questions. NOTE: Helpful hints are provided here for you to use while answering these questions. There is no separate answer sheet/guide to use while doing this assignment. • What are the two independent variables in this study? What is the dependent variable? • Why is a two-way between-subjects factorial ANOVA the correct statistic to use for this research design? • Did you find any errors that the researcher made when setting up the SPSS data

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