Psy 535: Research Methodology

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Research Methodology Paper PSYCH 535 University of Phoenix Research Methodology When conducting research a researcher may use different scientific methods when studying an event. Research methodology is the process on how the researcher will describe how the information was gathered in order to conduct the research, such as interview or observations. A research method would be considered a good research if a researcher designs the research to get an accuracy result. Multicultural research focuses more on finding how an individual behavior is impacted by cultural influences. Multicultural research examines human behavior by using hypotheses. When conducting multicultural research,…show more content…
When conducting observation research traditionally researchers are usually concern about ethical issues. Observational research has different types of research, which some show strengths and weaknesses. Naturalistic observation is where the participants have no involvement by the researcher. This type of research happens naturally in a natural environment, this type of research makes no error of manipulating the environment Leedy, & Ormrod, 2005). The participant observation is where the researcher reacts with the environment. The participant observation allows the participant remain natural, which gives high external validity. One of the major disadvantages of participants observational research is the most participants who are being observed do not have the opportunity to complete an informed consent to be a part of a research(Leedy, & Ormrod, 2005…show more content…
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