Psy 410 Week 1

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Jeannette C. Ford Victimology Instructor: Michael Roberts Week 1 Individual Work October 19, 2014 How would you explain why a person, who may have some of the individual conditions or disorders discussed in the chapter, as well as negative family and community influences, refrains from becoming a violent offender? I have a son who has ADHD. My parents and I did everything we could to get him the help he needed and as he got older he started getting worse by the minute. He is 30 years old and during his growing up he had continue to commit numerous crimes to where he was banned from my hometown Boston. My son has two children which I have the oldest whom I have had since she was a baby but both my granddaughter and grandson…show more content…
Having a child with this disorder can be very challenging and draining but I don’t give up the fight. I see her behavior as destructive and I worry that if I don’t get a good grip on her situation it would lead her down the road of drugs and crimes. ADHD does not run on my side of the family but does on my son’s father side. I did some research on ADHD and I found that if there are signs at an early age then it should be treated and if it is not treated then it would lead to drug abuse, a change in lifestyle and reduce a possibility for someone with ADHD of rehabilitation. I have my little girl in counseling every week, the school is aware of her situation and have set a 504 plan in place to where she works in small groups and she has been prescribed medication to help her. About 5.4 million children in the United States of the ages of 4 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. According to Jason Fletcher, he feels that children with ADHD are most likely to commit crimes. To prevent this from happening we must get the child into treatment and if medication is required then they must take as prescribed.
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