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Multicultural Experience Norma Fitzpatrick PSY/400 April 23, 2012 Leach Regan Abstract The religious service I attended that I was not familiar with is the Mormon Church. I went on Sunday to the service to see how it went and what they did in their service. It is better known as The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints it was establish in April 6, 1830 by Joseph Smith, the first president of the Church. It is believed by the Mormons that God called him to be a prophet like Moses and others prophet in the Bible times. Joseph Smith was supposed to have seen God and Jesus in a vision after he had prayed to know what church to join. He was supposed to have been call to restore the church that Christ had started before he died.…show more content…
They do things for each other and do not ask for it back, but with most other religions they do anything for you they want pay for it. They do from their hearts it is so unbelievable how the Mormon people work together and they go out into the neighborhood and talk to people about their faith with the Baptist they do not go out and talk to people; I will say the black Baptist church I go to do not go into the neighborhood to serve the people. The Mormon people I went to service with I enjoyed because when I learn from them I have a better understanding of what is really expected from a true Christian. If I lived closed and had the finical means to go there every Sunday I would, because they made me feel right at home they come weekly to teach me different things about their religion and how to serve God in the right ways. There are some things that I do not agree with that they teach is there are certain food you cannot eat because it defiles the body like chocolate, sodas, and potato chips. They say that the food keep you from having a close relationship with God. Your body is God’s temple and it should not have anything that can harm your body with God. When you drink certain drinks they defiles the body and you cannot have a connection between your body and God. I like certain foods and I can’t have them if I join their

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