Psy 355 Motivation Paper

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Motivation Kristina Thomas Psy 355 March 24, 2014 Kelly Trutter Motivation Motivation is the reason for one's behavior in doing something or acting a particular way. An action or behavior does not happen on its own, it is brought on by motives or incentives. Motives and incentives are two sources of motivation. The push/pull metaphor correlates with motives and incentives and the induced behavior from motivation. Motives and Incentives are what drives people to be motivated. A motive is an internal character that is the source for motivation and cause of one's action (Decker, 2010). To better understand a motive, it is the physiological or psychological need within a person. A motive could be a feeling or emotion that pushes an individual to behave a certain way. Motives are associated with incentives. A motive or internal source pushes a person toward the incentive.…show more content…
It also breaks down motivation into three different categories: intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, and amotivation. Intrinsic motivation is the most self-determined form of motivation and behavior (McDavid, Cox, & Amorose, 2012). Intrinsic motivation is a person doing something for themselves because they enjoy it or makes them feel better. Extrinsic motivation is less self-determined and behavior occurs due to reasons outside the action (McDavid, Cox, & Amorose, 2012). An activity done by extrinsic motivation may not be done because a person enjoys it, it’s often done because they want the end outcome. Working out is a great example, the result of looking better is extrinsic motivation, and the working out is not done because they like how they feel when they workout. Amotivation is the lack of motivation or drive to do something (McDavid, Cox, & Amorose, 2012). Amotivation is when someone does like doing something and feels there is no need to do that
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