Psy 326 Final Paper on Mental Health and Schizophrenia

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MENTAL HEALTH AND SCHIZOPHRENIA Joanne Rouse PSY 326 Instructor: Tara Lally 9/27/2015 One of the main reasons for my research and studying those who may have serious mental health disorders, mainly schizophrenia, is that when children have behavior problems it just gets pushed aside and excuses made, instead of being looked into further for any kinds of mental problems. Nothing seems to be done until someone whether child or adult ends up hurting someone or like we have seen many times, bringing guns to school and going on a rampage. Some of the main questions to be asked would pertain to childhood and things which may have happened to cause an individual to have these disorders. The hypothesis would be; Most of our serial killers and violent or sexual offenders have some kind of psychotic mental disorder, mainly schizophrenia, having voices that control many things they do. The research could be both qualitative and quantitative because data is collected and measured by percentages of participants and their behaviors and responses to each different study, but it is mainly a qualitative research, because participants are being studied by their behaviors and passed behaviors and also they are questioned and their responses are counted and studied and compared to others. Most of the studies are experimental, because the discussions and questions are manipulated according to answers of the previous responses. The problem with the experimental studies when working with schizophrenics or other psychotic disorder patients is certain changes can bring out a psychological episode that may be hard or near impossible to control. This would be more of a case study research then anything, because most or all of the study would have to be done individually. It is a very dangerous situation to put the participants in a group environment until you know how they react

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