Psy 315 Week 5 Hypothesis Testing Paper - Reasons for Depression

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Reasons for Depression PSY/315 July 15, 2015 Depression is rampant in our culture today. This paper will help describe and define the sources of depression using a two-tailed test with alternative hypothesis testing. The two conditions to be evaluated will be the cause of the depression; biological or psychological. The null in this scenario would be that the depression is caused equally amongst both groups of individuals. By using surveys, we will be able to obtain information which cannot be observed directly, which will not translate into a conclusion. Additionally, observations will not be an adequate source of information as it could be misinterpreted based on the perspective of the observer. Biological and Psychological Depression Depression is a commonly recognized as a mental disorder. Reasons for biological depression vary greatly, which allows for a widespread approach to conducting research to uncover the true cause. This research has greatly benefited our understanding of brain functions. By identifying causes, cures can be made, which will allow for better treatment of the disorder. Testing specific areas of the brain is the only way to determine biological causes of depression. The limbic system, for example, regulates emotions, physical and sexual drives, and response to stress (The Limbic System, 2013). Gaining greater understanding how the limbic system and other areas of the brain operate is essential to identifying potential obstructions that disallow the normal flow of chemicals/communication within the brain, which may cause a person to become depressed. Additionally, hormones levels are another biological factor which can lead to depression. Imbalances of cortical, for example, such as an excess amount or uneven distribution over a period of time have been noticed in depressed patients (Sahelian,

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