Psy 315 Week 3 Starlite Case Study

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Starlite PSY 315 Week 3 Individual Text Assignment University of Phoenix 11. a) mean =2 b) median= middle value =2 c) sum of squared deviation=56 d) variance= 2.667 e) standard deviation Xavg=2 12. a) mean =1312 b) median= middle value=1361 c) sum of squared deviation=76090 d) variance= 15218 e) standard deviation =123.361 (15218)SQRT 13. a) mean = 3.166 b) median= 3.25 c) sum of squared deviation=0.533 d) variance= 0.089 e) standard deviation = 0.298 (0.089) SQRT 16. Governors A) Mean=43 B) standard deviation=5.916 CEOS A) mean=44 B) standard deviation=21.563 In order to figure out the means and standard deviation for the governors and CEO’s desk there is a process…show more content…
Do the same for the CEO’s. The mean is an important factor in statistics. Next figure the median by sorting the numbers in ascending order 36 40 44 52 the median is the middle number which in this case would be 40 44 take these two number and dived by 2 and the result is 42. Next locate the sum of squared deviation which is important to locate because without it you will not locate the standard deviation number. To locate the sum of squared deviation by subtracting the listed number minus the means and then squaring the result. In addition to this add each end result and divide by the number of number. For example (44-43)2+ (36-43)2+ (52-43)2+ (40-43)2 the results are 1+49+81+9=140 the sum of squared deviation or SS equals 140. Next you will need to find the variance which is easy because you have gotten the SS. You will take the SS which is 140 and divide it the numbers of numbers listed which is 4. So the variance is 35. Then calculate the square root of the variance and the result is the standard deviation which is 5.916. Remember to follow the same steps to figure the CEO’s

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