Psy 315 Research Statistics And Psychology

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Research, Statistics and Psychology Eric Ransome January 13, 2014 PSY/315 Racheal Reavy Research, Statistics and Psychology Research Statistics is one method that researchers use to tells the story of studies begin conducted. Research is the pursuit of knowledge, in the field of psychology statistics is used to understand the data collected from research. In psychology, research has a major role and it is statistics that helps to explain the information collected from research. The experimental or scientific study which gathers information on a subject is how research is defined. In psychology there are two essential elements in understanding theories and human behavior that is research and statistics, and how do we make sense of this information and the data collected. Primary and secondary data are the two main types of data in any research. “Primary data is information collected by the researcher directly through instruments such as survey, interviews, focus groups or observation. Tailored to his or her specific needs, primary researcher with the most accurate and up-to-date data. Secondary data, on the other…show more content…
By taking the results of the sample and using those to make a generalization of a larger population from the sample it represent. It is very important that the data be a representative of the population that is being generalized. The test of significance was created to address any issues of generalization. Such test like the T-test or the Chi-square is used to predict the likelihood of the outcome of the study on the sample represent the population for which the sample represents. Through the tests of significance it could us show us what the likelihood that the outcome of the study could have appeared by chance when there is no relationship at all between the variables we studied in the population we
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