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Psychological behaviors have a lot to do with genetics and environment. Most psychological perspectives take a look at both habits and reactions to an individual’s environment. Once the environment has been perceived the nervous system takes over. The nervous system is a network of nerve cells that allows the flow of information which creates psychological activity. The nervous system is made up of neurons. Within our nervous system we have two different types of neurons. The first is Sensory neurons, which carry sensory information from a persons sensory receptors to their central nervous system. And the second is Motor neurons, which sends commands from the brain to all the glands and muscles all over the body. Then there are interneurons which is like the superhighway connecting the neurons to one another. Today, there are four major points of view on modern psychology. The four perspectives are the psychodynamic perspective, behavioral perspective, cognitive perspective, and evolutionary perspective. The psychodynamic perspective is a theory that operates under the assumption that people reveal themselves in everything they do and say. The founding father of this theory is none other than Sigmund Freud, who developed psychoanalysis. The psychodynamic perspective relies on three basic principals. The first is that all people’s actions directly correlate to that individual’s ambitions, emotions, and opinions. The second is that most of these mental processes go unnoticed in our sub-conscious. And finally, that some of these mental processes may conflict with one another, resulting to compromises between the two. The majority of the research supporting this theory is based on clinical observations. Which is one of its biggest criticisms due to the fact that observations are up for interpretation. The Psychodynamic perspective has quite a few

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