Psy 300 Week 1 Psychology Research Paper

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Whitney Williams What is psychology? Psychology deals with a lot of different things such as the brain, the body, and our behavior. The field and the goals of psychology are very important because it tells you what psychology is really about. People think that psychology is only about psychopaths but it’s really not it deals with plenty of different things. Also, the history of psychology is very important and interesting. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process. Psychology is not only the study of people but it is also the study of animals and their behavior to. Psychologists are trying to get a better understanding of what motivates humans and animals behavior. They don’t only study our behavior, but they also study what happens in our bodies and in our brains. Our behavior includes actions and reactions (such as talking), emotions, facial expressions, and movement. The mental process would be our activity in our minds, such as remembering, feeling, and thinking. When studying the mental…show more content…
It all really started in a laboratory in 1879; Wundt started to use scientific principles to the study of the human mind. Wundt got students from around the world to come and help study the mind, but they had to learn how to think objectively, because you cannot see the things that go on in the mind. He called the whole process objective introspection. This process was the first true experimental laboratory in psychology. In the late 1870’s Harvard University started offering psychology classes, they were the first school in America to do this. William James was the first to teach in the classes. James wrote the book Principles of Psychology. In his class he focused on how the mind makes people function in the real world. James named this view point

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