Psy 270 Week 3 Learning Styles Paper

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Abs tract There are several learning styles that we all use everyday. This research report will identify three learning styles and discuss there characteristics. I reviewed several articles and books on learning styles such as Three Facets of Visual and Verbal Learner: Cognitive Ability, Cognitive Style and Learning Preference, Learning Style: State of the Science. Theory into Practice and Learning Style: An Overview. My research included an inventory taken by 3 family members, 3 co-workers and 3 friends which I will discuss the most used and most valuable learning style. I will gather feed back from the 9 people who took the inventory to see if they agree or disagree with the results. A Study of Learning Styles Have you ever attended…show more content…
What will be the most valuable learning style or styles? 3. What are the characteristics of a visual, verbal and solitary learner? After writing these questions, I came up with 30 statements relating to the visual, verbal and solitary learning. I randomly selected 3 co-workers, 3 family members and 3 friends to administer the learning inventory to. All of them were given the same inventory questions. I received feedback from each of them regarding there thoughts of the inventory. Results The information gathered from the inventory was very different from person to person as shown in Chart 1. It appears that the most used learning style is verbal. The visual learner has a slight edge over the solitary learner. This chart shows that most people who took the inventory prefer to learn verbally rather than visually or independently. Chart 1 Chart 2 This next chart breaks out the visual, verbal and solitary results in percentages. Learning verbally is still proven to be the most recognized and valuable learning style with a 50% return. Chart 2 shows a little bit of a difference between the preference of visual and solitary learners from Chart 1. The results in Chart 1 for visual and solitary appeared to be similar, however this chart shows people who took the inventory much prefer visual learning opposed to…show more content…
It also provides definitions in the eyes of the author. This resource will help me gain some knowledge in learning styles. Maryer, R., & Massa, L. (2003, December). Three Facets of Visual and Verbal Learners: Cognitive Ability, Cognitive Style, and Learning Preference. Journal of Educational Psychology, 95(4), 833-846. Retrieved June 14, 2007, from Academic Search Premier database. Annotation: This article discusses three ideas of visual and verbal learners, cognitive ability, cognitive style, and learning preference. The author discusses measuring these learning styles and gives the results of these measurements. This article will help me get acquainted with the characteristics of the visual and verbal learner. Silverman, Fran. (2006, September). District Administration, 42(9), 70-71. Retrieved June 12, 2007, from Academic Search Premier database. Annotation: The article focuses on the classification of students learning styles like visual, auditory and kinesthetic. By learning students’ capacity it would enable them to learn in an effective and fascinating way. Although this is a short article it gives me a different view of learning from a student and teachers stand

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