Psy 270 Week 3 Dq 1

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Week Three Discussion Question 1 Due Date: Day 2 (Tuesday) in the Main Forum Post your response (150 words or more) as a reply to the following: Surveys suggest that up to 4% of the U.S. population suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. How are anxiety disorders viewed by various psychological perspectives such as psychodynamic, biological, cognitive, and humanistic? With which perspective do you most agree? With which do you least agree? Explain your answers. Many different things can cause anxiety in a person’s life. Stress happens to be the number the major factor that causes anxiety along with experiences from the past and medical issues. Psychodynamic perspective suggests that all children experience anxiety. This is related to the id impulse and social interaction with this kind of impulse. For example if a child is punished or threatened for their id impulses, they will experience moral anxiety. The humanistic perspective suggests that GAD develops from suppressing feelings, events, or experiences that may have been traumatic. Cognitive perspective is anxiety that is caused by stress along with the environment that an individual is in. Biological perspective is relating anxiety to family and genetic history. Many illnesses including mental illness can be genetic. An approach for this would be anti-depressants as well anxiety medication. The perspective I agree with is the biological and psychodynamic perspective. I agree with the psychodynamic perspective because I have anxiety attacks from situations that have happened to me as a child. I also agree with the biological perspective because I believe everything is genetic. If someone in my close family has a mental problems, chances of me having them are high. I had a hard time choosing the one I agree with the least because for the most part I can see where each one makes
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