Psy/265 Sexuality at Different Life Stages

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PSY/265 Sexuality at Different Life Stages Instructor: Rhettman Mullis, Jr. Date: June 17, 2012 By: Sue McClease Sexuality at Different Life Stages As a counselor in this scenario, I would like to know the exact age of Anna. I say this because adolescents range in age from about14 to 18. An eighteen year old girl would be more likely to understand the sexual response to her boyfriend and also the changes that has occurred in her body, better than a fourteen year old. I do know that girls nowadays are more educated about sex, than when I was young, however I do not know if they have a clear understanding of the body changes, hormonal changes and the sexual urges that they are experiencing at this stage in life and how to handle them. So for Anna, I would first try to get her to feel comfortable about talking to me. If she is on the lower level of age, I would like to explain the hormonal changes and the urges to be sexual to her. So, then we would talk of her interest and her goals and what her passion in life is all about and then move around to her boyfriend. I would definitely talk to her about his age and the fact that he is three years older than she and try to explain her mother’s anxieties. Older boys do seem to practice pressure when dating younger girls and she needs to be made aware of these statics. Also teen pregnancy is a very big worry factor for parents. If this should occur, it not only affects the teen’s life but all who are connected to her. There would big decisions to make about the child, school and future
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