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Life 1 Life, Love and All its Wonder PSY 265 January 8, 2012 Life 2 Did you ever sit and wonder how you got where you are today? Have you wondered if the choices you made were the right ones? If you would have explored a different path, would your life turned out differently? I have asked myself these questions may times. Life does not have an instruction manual to follow, so we just to the best we can and move forward. Keeping in mind WHO we are and WHY we are a certain way, thinking things through before we make choices, experiencing different types of love, and maintaining an open line of communication with those that we love, can help ensure a healthy lifestyle. My journey into…show more content…
I wanted to work on things that were broken and talk about my feelings and concerns no matter what anyone else thought. When I was older I knew I had many feminine traits but also possessed some masculine traits as well. I had such a sense of stubbornness within me that I knew I could not just be the way I was taught and ultimately raised. Sure I wanted to cook and clean and have a family but I also wanted to be capable of taking care of myself without relying on a male and his ways. There is nothing wrong with being strictly feminine and possessing only those traits, I just wanted more for myself. I do not feel I am any different than someone else, rather someone with many traits to which help me get through life with ease. I can be very patient and kind and still be tough and very protective when it comes to my family or those I love. This makes me unique and shows my individuality. I believe I am the way I am because of not only how I was raised, but also because I do what makes me comfortable and happy. When I look at why I am comfortable and happy being who I am it is a direct result of using critical thinking skills. I know that all decisions I make through out
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