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Assignment: Historical and Scientific Perspective on Homosexuality PSY/265 Historical and Scientific Perspective on Homosexuality I believe that the historical and scientific perspectives in the text have shaped the way that gay individuals may perceive themselves in that they give these particular individuals different views of other people and the way that they look at gay people and their chosen lifestyle. The cross-cultural perspective is one perspective that gives gay individuals the perspectives from different cultures and the way that they view and think of the gay sexual orientation. While some cultures believe that gay relationships between two individuals of the same sex is wrong, some other cultures believe that it is okay for two people of the same sex to have these types of intimate relationships. Biological perspectives also have an affect and shape the way gay individuals view themselves because biological perspectives are based on evolution, genetics, and hormonal perspectives. Gay individuals may look at their sexual orientation and evolution and believe that their sexual orientation is because of the way that evolution has occurred, otherwise, how would they so strongly be attracted to a person of the same sex? Genetically their view of themselves may be shaped by believing that they inherited their sexual preference when they were born, and the X chromosomes that a male is born with is said to partially to blame genetically for their gay sexual orientation. Hormonal influences also have an influence on the way that some gay individuals view themselves because their sex hormones are an influence on their mating behavior. Testosterone is the male hormone and is what drives a male to be attracted sexually to a female. With a lower level of testosterone in a male it is possible for a male to be more attracted to a male rather than being

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