Psy 240 Week 4 Analysis

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Week Four Checkpoint: Eating: What, When, and How Much Tina Duke PSY/240 April 4, 2013 Dr. Thomas King I would have to agree with some aspects discussed in this week’s reading assignment, in section 12:3 of our text books. The taste of food is an important factor, and some foods are definitely more palatable than others. There are various contributing factors that play a role in why people eat, what they eat. Environmental factors that would play a role in what we eat can be contributed to one’s environment. For example: If a person is a farmer living in a rural farming community, and are growing their own fruits and vegetables, chances are they will consume what they are growing. If they are raising their own livestock such as pigs, cattle, sheep, ducks or chickens chances are they are consuming what they raise. Tomatoes as well as other vegetables “grown on a farm” and sold at vegetable stands or farmers markets seem to taste…show more content…
Most of us have a routine when it comes to meal times. Many of us usually “try to eat” breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and dinner in the evenings. However, what time we eat usually depends on various underlying factors. Many of us may eat when we feel hungry however; this may not always be the case. Our life styles also play a role in when we eat. For example throughout the day we may be too busy to stop and eat. Many of us skip breakfast because we are too busy in the morning. We spend more time getting the kids off to school, getting ready for work or just running around the house like chickens with their heads chopped off not even considering when we will eat breakfast. This means by lunch time you may feel as though you are starving, and if for some reason you can’t make time for lunch before dinner time comes around, then at dinner time you are so hungry you “could eat a horse”. In my opinion when we eat, is just as important as what we

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