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The Brain Jillian Whalen PSY/240 July 13, 2014 Thea Lawton The Brain Considering, as human beings, the mysteries of our many brain functions one can’t help but be intrigued by how it all happens. How are we able to survive, learn, breath, move, think and feel emotion? Our brains encompass five major structures that all play a role in the function of our human bodies. The myelencephalon, metencephalon, mesencephalon, and telencephalon are all housed in the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain and work together to connect the divisions of the brain, which, when successfully united, becomes a fully functioning human being. In the hindbrain the myelencephalon (or medulla) houses many tracts that carry signals to different…show more content…
That structure is the mesencephalon. The mesencephalon has two divisions, just as the metencephalon. The tectum and the tegmentum. The tectum affects auditory and visual functions of the human body. Inside the tectum, the inferior colliculi is responsible for audio functions, and the anterior colliculi is responsible for visual functions, however, in the lower vertebrae, the only function of the tectum is vision. Remarkably, the tegmentum consists of three different colors. Periaqueductal gray, substantia nigra, and the red nucleus. The periaqueductal gray encases the cerebral aqueduct, the duct which connects the third and fourth ventricles and assists opiates with reducing pain. The substantia gray, or black substance, works with the red nucleus to control the sorimotor system. If any of the parts of the brain are damaged, a chain reaction of failures throughout the brain could occur and various disabilities of the human body, some less serious and some devastatingly debilitating are likely (Pinel,…show more content…
The telencephalon is the most prevailing part of the human brain. Learning to speak and problem solve are all the result of the telencephalon (Pinel, 2011). The telencephalon is what is seen in most common photos and drawings of the brain. It is in the most anterior part of the brain, and encompasses all hemispheres of the brain. Because the telencephalon is responsible for basic learning and communication, most times children with learning disabilities are the result of a flawed

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