Psy 230 Week 9 Checkpoint

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Discussion Questions Chapter 12 My group and I presented chapter seven. We were the first group who presented. Carolina, Joe and I divided the chapter into three parts. Carolina did the review questions and explained the second four slides. Joe fixed the PowerPoint and explained the final slides. I started the PowerPoint and explained the first four slides; also I created the activity with the cards. Each one of us grabbed the reins. I think that we handle our presentation even though we didn’t have enough time to organize us. I can work alone but I like to work in team because I can have someone else opinion. Review Questions Chapter 12 1. Five strategies for building rapport are: * Be willing to find common ground. The…show more content…
Look at the speaker and appear attentive, interested, and alert. * Be respectful. Many organizations are training employees in the importance of business etiquette-respect for and consideration of the feelings and needs of others. * Use warmth and humor. Avoid sarcasm an jokes at the expense of another person’s feelings, but don’t take yourself seriously. * Relate to person’s personality style. People learn, think, and relate different. 2. Assertive people state their views and needs directly; use confident body language; and speak in a clear, strong voice. 3. Three ways to handle conflict are: * Attentive listen to the other person’s concerns and criticism. Don’t interrupt or start your defense. * Stay calm. Control your emotions and don’t lose your temper. * Apologize. if you think the situation warrants it, apologize. 4. A barrier to affective communication is the assumption that the other person knows what you mean. Learning to work with your study team, advisors, instructors, roommates, co-workers, and supervisors is essential for success. 5. Three strategies for creating rapport and improving communication with people you live with are: * Clarify expectations of a
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