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Case Study Brian Bailey May 1, 2011 University of Phoenix-Axia PSY-210 Dr. Stephanie Sencil – Instructor Michael is a 40-year-old airline pilot who has recently begun to experience chest pains. The chest pains began when Michael signed his final divorce papers, ending his 15-year marriage. He fought for joint custody of his two children, ages 12 and 10, but although he wants to be with them more frequently, he only sees them every two weeks. This schedule is, in great part, a result of his employer's announcement that budget constraints would result in layoffs. Michael worries that without his job he will be unable to support his children and lose the new townhouse that he purchased. Michael's chest pains are becoming more frequent and he fears that he may be dying. What are the causes of stress in Michael’s life? How is stress affecting Michael’s health? Michael is facing stress from his position as an airline pilot. He also faces other problems at work associated with the announcement of budget restraints causing layoffs and becoming unemployed. At home, Michael is facing the aftermath of a recent divorce. The divorce has caused him to purchase a new home and spend less time that he would like, away from his young children. The negative stress that Michael faces from his current position and his personal life is manifesting as chest pain and discomfort. Pain and discomfort that Michael is feeling in his chest could result in a possible layoff by his employer. If Michael has to seek repeated medical treatment for the chest pain he might receive a layoff which could possible result in the foreclosure of his townhouse. If the source of the stress is not corrected, Michael could suffer a heart attack while flying that could place the safety of airline passengers and crew at risk. How are these stressors affecting Michael’s self-concept and self-esteem?

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