Psy 202 Week 3

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Exercise and Nutrition Regimen: No I do not have an exercise or nutrition regimen. There are times I tell myself that I am going to start eating healthy and doing exercises regularly. I would do it for a couple of weeks than just get too lazy to follow through. I guess I will have to make a plan and add it in to my schedule by doing time management. How to be healthier in terms of Exercise and Nutrition: I am a smoker, I always have a sweet tooth, and I am not consistent with eating healthy food and exercise. I am trying to quit smoking. I try to eat healthy but because I am always on the go I tend to just grab something that is easy to eat one the go as well. As for exercising I try to get some cardio in while I am at the field for flag football while my boys are at practice. But because I am busy handling paper work I find it hard to do. But I am determining to figure out a way to do so. I just need to prioritize myself. High Level of Stress: There are times that I feel high level of stress. For example back in December of 2012, I was asked to be Ohana coach (Overseeing other coaches of multiple age division teams). And I said I would take on the position. , at the same time I was finalizing my decision on enrolling in Ashford University. So when these two big changes began in January it added to my schedule. I had to reorganize my time management. Ever since I did that everything went smoothly. Now I am working a more hours at the Head Start. So I have to take a look at my time management and see what I am able to move around. So I don’t fall behind in school. I always like to make a schedule so I don’t have to panic on did I do everything I need to do or is there something I forgot to do. How to Cope and Reduce Stress: I have to say that time management is one big part of helping relieving stress. I feel that if you make a schedule that feels more

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