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1. Refer to the charts on p. 6 & p. 20 of Psychology and Your Life. Identify and describe the five major perspectives in the field of psychology, then list one subfield for each The first of the five perspectives mentioned was the Neuroscience Perspective. This perspective involves human and nonhuman biological function and instinctual behavioral traits (often inherited). A sub-field of this perspective would be Behavioral Neuroscience. Next up we have the Psychodynamic Perspective, which states that humans have little or no control over behavior, rather it is influence by an inner force. A sub-field of this perspective would be Clinical Psychology. Third up, we see the Behavioral Perspective, which is fairly self explanatory. This is the study of an individual's behavior in its truest form, from an outside observance. It also correlates with the influence of the environment on an individual's behavior, which leads us to the sub-field, Environmental Psychology. The Cognitive Perspective shows up next in our reading, and involves how we as humans perceive the world, and how our understanding of it influences our behavior. The sub-field Experimental Psychology is appropriate for this perspective. Lastly we have the Humanistic Perspective. This perspective is simple, we as humans grow and develop with full control over our behaviors and lives. We all have the ability to reach our full potential, this is often monitored through the sub-field, Developmental Psychology. 2. Describe two subfields of psychology that most interest you and explain where you might encounter professionals in that field. The first sub-field that caught my eye was Industrial/organizational psychology. Working primarily in an industrial field my entire adult life, this was a sub-field I was able to relate to. The union we belong to actually has psychologist on and counselors available.

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