Psy 101 Week 2 Understanding Self Essay

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PSY 101 WEEK 2 UNDERSTANDING SELF PSY 101 Week 2 Understanding Self A++ graded With Description Born in Sunny Southern California in 1979, my arrival came at Kaiser Permanente Hospital to my parents, Clyde Lewis Chandler and Verdeana Lindsey. While both parents came from the south, they migrated to Los Angeles California in hopes to find better opportunities. Although my mother came with her family, my father came alone right out of the service after fighting in Vietnam. So there I was, one older brother named Clyde Lewis Chandler Jr. who sole purpose in life was to finish my food after his, we were a family. Growing up for me was a little complicated, my parents divorced by the time I was five and apparently by then, they had long ago been apart emotionally and physically. So from the time my consciousness new of myself, my parents were divorced, therefore, I grew up in two separate homes. My mother was a Certified Nurses Assistant who made very little money. However, because of our grandparents, my mom’s parents, we never knew suffering. We stayed in poor neighborhoods, but we were never hungry or without electricity. My mom never took us to amusement parks, movies, or any outings other than church activates. Church, church, church, my brother and I were there every Sunday morning along with Tuesday night bible study and Thursday night choir rehearsal. Often times we should up one hour early and the church was cold and lonely. My grandfather was the Pastor a very tall man with a hefty build. My grandfather raised me, the morale’s and values I have to date are because of his influence and consist demand that, “we stay in church”. My grandmother a very proud woman who values laid in the outfit she wore. My grandmother played the piano in our church, my mom singed, grandfather preached, and

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