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PHY/101 Week 3 Exercises Ch. 15: Exercise 2 Which is greater—an increase in temperature of 1 Celsius degree or an increase of 1 Fahrenheit degree? An increase in temperature of 1 Celsius degree Ch. 15: Exercise 4 Why wouldn’t you expect all the molecules in a gas to have the same speed? Gas molecules move in different directions and always colliding with each other which will always cause random speeds to accure. Even if they start at the same speed the randomness of direction would cause them to collide changing momentum of the molecules. Ch. 16: Exercise 2 What is the explanation for feather beds being warm? Feathers are good insulators which hold your body temperature. They are not actually warm themselves. The fluffy feathers…show more content…
Ch. 17: Exercise 6 Can you give two reasons why pouring a cup of hot coffee into a saucer results in faster cooling? Heat is conducted through the saucer which acts as a cooling fin giving more surface area for convection Ch. 17: Exercise 16 Why are icebergs often surrounded by fog? The water which is evaporated from the iceberg becomes fog. Cool any air mass and you will have some sort of condensation. Ch. 17: Exercise 28 Place a jar of water on a small stand within a saucepan of water so that the bottom of the jar is held above the bottom of the pan. When the pan is placed on a stove, the water in the pan will boil, but not the water in the jar. Why? The temperature of the water in the pan is not higher than the boiling point of water. Heat can only be transferred only from a body with higher temperature to a body with lower temperature. Ch. 18: Exercise 40 Why do we say a substance in a liquid phase is more disordered than the same substance in a solid phase? Because the atoms in a liquid move in a more disordered fashion camared to a solid where the atoms are close together and in

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