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PST103E May/ June 2011 2.2 Positive Values and Attitudes choose any 3 of: History – to employ critical accurate analysis in interpretation of sources (not susceptibility to propaganda but objectivity) – to study cause and effect, as all human behaviour is determined by causes which are ascertainable – To establish a hierarchy of causes to explain what happened in the past as lying behind the search for intrinsic values – To acquire a comprehensive system of values such as faith, honesty, orderliness, sense of duty, perseverance, healthy human relations, good citizenship, freedom – To develop empathy as a way of thinking – To bring history alive and make it relevant to everyday life Geography – To cultivate an appreciation…show more content…
They can be articles about a specific event in either History or Geography to read and discuss in class. They usually have pictures which would assist in explaining the event etc. Question 3 3.1 3 critical principles when using media in the classroom Page 47 Study Guide (bottom) 1. Which learning content the teaching media must furnish 2. which teaching medium is most suitable in a particular case 3. in which way it is to be implemented during the lesson 4. at what stage of the lesson it will be used 5. for what purpose it will be used( 6. will it, or can it, only be used once & 7. which wall decoration can be used during the lesson) 3.2 To improve the teaching activities and learning activities of the learners.Makes the learners active and interested during the lesson and makes learning fun. (introduce a lesson topic, illustrate a lesson topic, stimulate pupils past image or image of the past, explain the learning content, test or impart knowledge and insight, create interest in an excursion to be undertaken) 3.3 Overhead Projector Do‟s – print neatly and legibly (space letters so not crowded tog) ; if photocopying the…show more content…
Can help children develop environmental attitudes that will contributeto the long-term well-being of the environment (and therefore to thelong-term health of people) 4.3 Teaching media (Hurry pg 70 - 82 9.3) made by the teacher History – a model (battle scene or terrain); poster (explain the topic using avariety of resources)Geography – a model (cardboard and ring for a dam, showing erosion);moving display (use cardboard cutouts on the chalkboard, can be moved todemonstrate revolution of the earth and inclination of its axis – causing seasonchange)4.4 Holistic teaching in primary school – because students are aware of thewhole that they are studying. Important because the subjects are integrated,it gives the pupil a chance of studying as a whole and all aspects. They areconstantly aware of what is happening. 4.5 Social

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