Ps502-01 Ethical Standards

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Marisol Pantoja PS502-01: Ethics and Standards of Professional Psychology Kaplan University Professor: Debra Evans-Rhodes In the Criminal Justice field there is a major concern with people lying and stealing on the job. Having to be around a lot of different situations many people would assume that because you are in the legal field you should know your guidelines and standards. Most people do not fall into stealing because it’s a need some people do it because they are full of greed. People in the law enforcement agency you would assume that they are financially set. Starting a new job you are not aware of what is going on with the department. You come in as a new trainee with no knowledge of who is working with you or against you. Assuming…show more content…
According to Court records the offender applied for a driver’s license in 1988 under the name of Rafael Espinoza. When he received his driver’s license he was employed as a school bus driver. With In a few years later Rafael Mora-Lopez studied psychology and decided to talk to the department about working as their full time psychologist, also going by Rafael Espinoza. He passed the pre-employment process, from the criminal background and the polygraph test. On Thursday April 21, 2011 he was arrested with 18 U.S.C. § 1028: US Code - Section 1028; defined as passport fraud. Passport fraud is define an individual steals another personal information and use it for personal use without the knowledge of the person being affected. The penalty for such crime is ten to thirteen years in a federal prison ( Mr. Mora-Lopez pleads not guilty to a Federal District Court in Anchorage to the charge of passport fraud. During his arraignment told federal authorities that he was. 47, but other documents indicate he is…show more content…
When the SBA went to visit the church to see the process of the reconstruction they found that the building was vacant and no intentions of reconstruction. While his embezzling scheme he made headlines in 2009 because he led an unsuccessful campaign to object President Barack Obama’s stimulus package. Soon after his campaign failed Young was serving time for forging Western Union money orders and identity theft. In 2011 Young plead guilty to both charged and was sentenced to two years in Federal Prisons. While Toris served time, an investigation from the SBA concluded that young was using the loan for personal use. He was buying cars jewelry and clothing. Toris Young also submitted purported flood insurance and fire hazard insurance documents to receive the loan. Young plead guilty to fraudulence and two counts of grand theft, he is due back on May 3, 2012 for sentencing. He faces ten years in prison and 25,000 in

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