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Unit 9 Assignment: Case studies of Emily and Mr. Smith Kaplan University School of Arts and Sciences PS 360- 02 Introduction ABA short for Applied Behavior Analysis formerly known as behavior modification is the use of behaviorism to modify human behaviors, as a learning or treatment process (Cooper, Heron & Heward, 2007). It is a science by which the basis of the analysis of behavior are applied consistently to better significant behaviors and in which experimentation is used to identify the variables responsible for change in a behavior (Cooper, Heron & Heward, 2007). Behavior analyst focus on the observable relationship of the target behavior to the environment, and thus use methods associated with ABA to change said behavior (Cooper, Heron & Heward, 2007). In applied behavior analysis, all experiments should include: (1) one or more participants, (2) one or more behaviors (dependent variable), (3) at least one setting, (4) a system for measuring the behavior and ongoing visual analysis of data, (5) at least one treatment or intervention, (6) manipulations of the independent variable so that its effects on the dependent variable may be quantitative or qualitative analyzed and (7) an intervention that will benefit the participant in some way (Cooper, Heron & Heward, 2007). During this paper two case studies will be recapped, target behaviors will be identified, each case will be within a subject experimental design where the participant will serve as their own experimental control and for each case there will be a provided systematic approach to clearly identify the problem (in this case an appropriate, quantifiable target behavior that is in need of change). Case 1: Emily Emily is a 6 year old girl who was referred to me by her pediatric psychologist. Her challenges began when she began 1st grade; where she first told her parents she

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