Ps220 Unit 9 Final Paper

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Shereatta Willis Kaplan University PS220 Unit 9 Assignment Early childhood development is defined as ,a set of concepts, principles, and facts that explain, describe and account for the processes involved in change from immature to mature status and functioning (Bukatko, 2008),development is also generally divided into three broad categories, physical development, cognitive development, and social emotional development. Physical development addresses any change in the body, including how children grow, how they move, and how they perceive their environment. Cognitive development pertains to the mental processes like, language, memory, and problem solving, that children use to acquire and use knowledge. Emotional and social development addresses how children handle relationships with others, as well as understand of their own feelings. Physical development in children follows a directional pattern, large muscles develop before small muscles, legs and arms develop before those in the fingers and hands, and children learn how to perform gross ,or large motor skills such as walking before they learn to perform fine ,or small, motor skills such as drawing. The center of the body develops before the outer regions, as muscles located at the core of the body become stronger and develop sooner than those in the feet and hands. Development seems to go from the top down, from the head to the toes. This is seemingly why babies learn to hold their heads up before they learn how to crawl. Early childhood is a time of remarkable cognitive development. Cognitive abilities associated with memory, reasoning, problem-solving and thinking continue to emerge throughout childhood. Children during this stage are learning to figure out the world around them. It is hard not to mention the work of psychologist Jean Piaget, One of the key concepts in Piaget's theory is the use of

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