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Pursing an MBA As Market labor is continuously demanding qualified human resources, it has become a challenge to find them. Companies are always searching for competent employees, sometimes trying to win them over from competitors, hoping to add new assets. Being qualified can be accomplished through various methods; one of them is academic qualification such as an MBA degree. Though, MBA is not considered a passport for a managerial position, it sure does open one’s mind and equips with all it has to take to fill in the position expected by a manager. MBA combined with work experience can generate capable personnel, with hands-on expertise and theories. I wouldn’t say that either experience or MBA alone is enough, acquiring both of them will give more value. Though the market witnesses a number of managers with vast experiences and no academic degrees, it is very rare to find a manager with an MBA or any relevant certificate with no expertise at all. In fact, some people believe that experience is enough for managing business successfully, where they can try up several roles in different departments to better grasp function, when after a while and naturally they assume their responsibilities as managers. Yet, with the current market competitiveness and with continuously increasing expectations of employers, MBA becomes an important step along one’s career development plan. The importance of an MBA comes from its changing nature; professors are usually shifting subjects and altering content to reflect the current market needs. MBA graduates have the chance to study the theoretical part and map to existing market situation. From a personal experience, my friends, who had the chance to finish their MBA degree, have achieved most of their career goals. The feedback I received is that their way of thinking has totally changed, from a business

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