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Myriah Wiseman Mrs. Whitney Modern American Lit/Analytical Questions “Winter Dreams” April 8, 2010 Judy Jones at the age eleven was spoiled, snotty, wealthy and very mean. I feel her treatment to the nurse was very unnecessary. She has some anger management and almost hit the man. I think Dexter quit his job because he wanted to move on in his life, he was sick of the life he was living and wanted to move on. He wanted to start fresh and it was almost believed that he was “to old” for his job. Dexter’s perception of Judy changed in part II by falling in love with her due to her looks. The significance with Judy’s mouth is she is always talking and she gets guys that way. She is kniving and makes them believe whatever she says is true and they believe her. Judy really didn’t change much from when she was a child to an adult, she was still very wealthy and full of herself. She knows she is really pretty and is afraid to fall in love. I do believe I know someone like her, I think everyone knows someone that way. Dexter “surrendering” part of himself means, he is giving in too his love for Judy and her beauty. Dexter’s view of Judy starts to change and he starts realizing it’s not just about the beauty and he is into Irene even though he kind of used Irene for back up. “That old penny’s worth of happiness he had spent for a bushel of content” means he is content with Judy and he just wanted the happiness he got from Judy’s beauty but he realized he was content with how Irene was. She was more down to earth and not just all beauty. The symbolism and imagery found in Judy’s appearance as she approaches Dexter at the University Club was beauty and she was infatuated with Judy due to her attractiveness. The significance of the house at the end of part IV was it was she lived in a mansion and a very rich house. Dexter intended to sell the stuff

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