Proving And Explanation Essay

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For my science major, I cannot just say stuff without proving it and explanation. Like for example I cannot just say that the earth has gravity. I mean it is right but I didn’t prove to the audience that this right. “Such explanations are at the heart of researched arguments”. I have to convince my readers that earth has gravity. Proving any point and using explanations is the easiest way to reach to the person. An observation is one of the most important techniques in my major, because without observations scientist wouldn’t reach to anything. “It is not enough to say that something is true; you must also explain its truth to your readers by offering reasons and evidence” My favorite was "Learning to Read and Write". Frederick Douglass uses different strategies to get his point across to us. It’s amazing how much he had to go through in order to learn and write while we have it simple and don't want to. Look at all the things that he had to do, while we have more than enough things, in order to learn to read and write. “This bread I used to bestow upon the hungry little urchins, who in return would give me that more valuable bread of knowledge” “Lonely, Good Company Of books” Richard Rodriguez he tells about what reading has done, or hasn’t done for him in his past. When Rodriguez was a child he didn’t always like reading, because he was not particularly good at it, but he soon came to realize that books could open all kinds of door for him, in the sense that he could just emerge himself in a book and forget about everything else. “I had the idea that they were crucial fir my academic success, though I couldn’t have said exactly how or why.” He then loved reading and read all the time. By the time he reached high school he had already read hundreds of book, but he never really got anything out of

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