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Recognizing and Resolving Value Conflicts: An Ethical Decision Making Process for PHS Leaders Introduction The “Operating Principles” of the Providence Health System recognize that efforts to further Providence’s mission may lead to value conflicts (also discussed as “dilemmas”). Value conflicts require us to make a decision or choice. We are responsible to recognize value conflicts for what they are and to resolve them using an ethical decision making process or, if we can’t resolve them, to refer them to someone who can help us. This document introduces one ethical decision making process for Providence Health System. A one-page outline of the process itself is attached. Any ethical decision making process is enhanced by education and experience, and thus we are encouraged to spend time reading and discussing this document before using it. We might also practice with sample cases before using it with actual cases. In any event, it is not meant to replace or supercede an ethical decision making process we might already be using at our facility. It is meant to clarify one way to make an ethical decision when confronted with a value conflict. Ethics is about Making Choices with Integrity …Providence Health System was built on a foundation of integrity. Mother Joseph and her companions brought a philosophy and a value-based way of living and serving to the West more than 140 year ago. That tradition lives on today in the more than [35,000] employees, physicians, board members, and volunteers who embrace the Providence mission and have made it their own. Every day each of us in the Providence System is called upon to perform a variety of tasks and undertake diverse responsibilities. The decisions we make and the duties we perform are critical to the furtherance of our organizational goals, the strengthening of our mission,

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