Provide Support to Meet Personal Care Needs

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CHCICS301B PROVIDE SUPPORT TO MEET PERSONAL CARE NEEDS Assessment Knowledge Questions 1. Explain the processes and strategies that you use to support people with personal care needs. • By having personal care plans • By following agency policies and procedures • By using appropriate equipment and aids • By having dignity and respect for clients • By having a person centred care • Seek support and clarification from supervisor if needed • Follow WHS policies and procedures 2. List five personal care tasks that you may need to help a client with while working as a care worker. • Showering • Toileting • Dressing • Eating and drinking • Grooming, shaving and nail care 3. If a care worker did not respect the dignity of their client or provide privacy, while assisting with personal care; how might this affect the client emotionally and psychologically? • May become upset or aggressive • Client may become withdrawn • They might refuse assistance and personal care • Embarrassment and fear 4. Some people tend to show aggression during the provision of personal care e.g. shower. What is important to keep aware of during such instances? • Have respect for privacy and dignity • Follow client care plan • Building rapport and making an effort to get to know client • Support autonomy and independence • Take into account client’s personal values and individual preferences • Communicate effectively with client 5. List some of the common equipment and aids utilised in provision of personal care support. • Wheelchair • Shower chair • Commode • Lifters • Slide sheet • Beds • Feeding aids 6. When implementing a personal care plan for a client how do you balance their right to privacy and confidentiality with the need to be informed of their requirements, as well as providing information to other care workers? • By
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