Provide Support to Manage Pain and Discomfort

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1. Explain the importance of a holistic approach when supporting your service users to managing pain and discomfort. When talking about a holistic approach we need to think not only of the physical needs, so just pain which the service user has and from what is it, but we should also look at their emotional and mental needs, as they are just people who are worrying and probably not knowing what is happening to them, we need to think of their social needs, so understand that they will be worried of their future and financial side of life, they will think of bills and their families, etc. The last thing, which we should look at are their spiritual needs, as they are also important while supporting service user to manage pain and discomfort, how they feel inside, do they feel anger, anxiety, guiltiness, etc? Holistic approach is nothing else than looking at the all aspects. We can use a normal, conventional medicine, but we can also try alternative and other therapies to try to minimise pain, discomfort and other symptoms of service user needs at that stage of treatment. That is why is so important that care plans are made individual for a specific person, to ensure that they will receive support which will meet their health requirements, but as well will focus on their other needs, lifestyle and culture aspects too. Those care plans needs to bring a full comfort and support, needs to promote a dignity in their life and peace, so the healing process will be more affective. It is important to use a holistic approach as it will gets us to the roof of the problem, the reason why the service user is having a pain to begin with, as some of it may be coming from another part of body, some pain maybe emotional, some will be from stress of life, it maybe as well a worry of their future health, etc. If we will get to the bottom of problem, we will be able to find the best

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