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Abstract Capital Punishment is the killing of a person by judicial process for retribution and punishment. ( The death penalty controversy is an interwoven argument, no matter where in the world you are. The main reason for this is that it is a sensitive issue which is regularly debated in many occasions, based on personal and moral beliefs. Capital Punishment has been banned from most western civilised countries, except for the United States of America. Retribution is one of the main aims of punishment. Retribution means suffering from the punishment to balance out the evil deed that had been done. ( Most people would agree that if a terrible crime has been committed then a horrible punishment must be delivered back. The punishment must match the crime done. But should this be the way? In my personal opinion, capital punishment is cruel and unusual, it is legalised murder, which is ethically and morally wrong. Introduction Since the last official execution in Australia in 1967, the issue of capital punishment has been raised in many aspects of our lives, through the media, general discussions, parliament, etc. My argument in this essay, is that Capital Punishment should not be reintroduced into any society, and should be taken out of the one‘s that have decided to keep it.( punishment) There will be four main points to my essay argument. First, Research has shown that Capital Punishment is not an effective preventative of serious crimes. Secondly, there is a intolerable percentage of risk that wrongly convicted people will be the receivers of this punishment, Thirdly, there is a potential that capital punishment will be used unreasonably against racial minorities, and lower socio - economic groups, and Fourthly, it is to be believed that executions are an

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