Protective Parent Essay

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Dear Father, Here’s a verse from a poem called The Mother Eagle by Oakwolf that I would like to share with you… This man dedicated this poem to his friend and she sort of reminds me of you… Mother sees the feathers spring, She knows someday her son will fly; She doesn’t dare to trust his wing, To fail is fall, to fall is die: But eagles, all have flown before, And nests don’t have a closing door. I agree that you are my protector and that you should be the one who takes care of me and make sure I’m safe. Dad, I’m sorry if what I’m going to say will hurt your feelings, but I’ve got to tell you the truth about my feelings. I’m so frustrated and sometimes not having freedom for myself makes me want to run away and don’t ever come back home. Every day you see me, I seem to be happy but I’m not… Deep down inside of me, I’m tearing up, my inside hurts, I cry every night thinking that one day I’ll have lack of restrictions. Some nights I don’t even sleep, I linger. Maybe, I can have a choice whether I want to call you or not. I have to call you after every little thing I do. When I’m on the bus I have to call, I’m transferring buses I have to call, I’m at school I have to call. I’m so embarrassed that daddy’s little girl always have to check with him. I’m very mature and I have a vision of who I will become in the future. It makes me sad to know that you don’t think I can handle myself. I’ve try to understand why you do the things you do, and why you are the way you are… I don’t think I would ever understand the true reason as to why you’re so protective over me… But as you always say “Ambika wait, one day you will have kids of your own. Then you will understand.” I’m not so sure; I hope that I would be able to protect my child while having
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