Protection In Health And Social Care Essay

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care! 1.1 define the following types of abuse. Types of abuse | Definitions of abuse | Physical Abuse | This type of abuse is intentional and unwanted contact to either you or something that is close to your body. Abusive behaviour doesn’t have to cause any sort of pain or bruising. | Sexual Abuse | Sexual abuse is any type of non-consensual sexual contact or behaviour.This can happen in men or women, this can be refusal of using sexual contraception or toys as well as causing you unwanted physical pain during sex this is all abuse if this is not consented too. | Emotional and psychological Abuse | This type of abuse can be when someone tries to make you feel low and can try and get into…show more content…
The factors may include an individual that may be having a mental disability or even suffering dementia or even not having any mental capacity. If an individual is isolated or secluded they are also vulnerable. Another factor could be for the abuser this could be due to lack of appropriate training and abusing their power of that person. Personal issues can also play a big part this could include the abuser being stressed or having to deal with history of abuse in their past. There is a lot of factors to make someone more susceptible to abuse this could include low self-esteem being abused before and nobody to protect
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