Protecting Proprietary Information Essay

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Protecting the proprietary information of Acme Corporation is of the highest importance. Losing information such as plans, or manufacturing procedures could cost Acme Corporation the exclusive contract to supply equipment to the military. Having assessed the needs and necessary steps to protect all proprietary information, the following is to be considered as our recommendation for securing all necessary information. First and foremost, securing the companies computer servers in one closely monitored and locked location is essential. It is our recommendation that Acme limit server room access to the IT security team. The team must work in pairs to hinder the abilities of someone downloading sensitive files to devices such as flash or thumb drives, or writing files to a compact electronic device such as a cellphone. The IT security team is to be escorted by an armed security person, while an armed guard will also be stationed at the entrance to the server room. It is also recommended to use video cameras inside the server room to monitor the room when it is not being occupied. In order to be employed as a member of the IT security team, an applicant must be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance through the federal government. Outside of the server room, all sensitive files should use 56-bit encryption to protect them from being read by any outside entities. All portable devices used for business purposes by employees with access to secure files should also be encrypted. Intrapersonal or interdepartmental communications, such as emails, should also be run through an encryption program to protect against being intercepted by any outside entities. Personal electronic devices, such as cellphones, should not be allowed into secure areas such as the research and development areas or manufacturing areas. This measure will limit the abilities of communicating

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