Protecting Children In Cyberspace Essay

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Protecting Children in Cyberspace Abstract Cyberspace is a widely used method of communication. It has allowed the impossible to become possible. However, when one thing is to be used on a wider level, its pros and cons should be kept in mind. Cyberspace has influenced us on a wide level and drastic consequences have also resulted especially in the lives of children. But when there is a will there is a way, a solution to the problems and threats cyberspace has caused can also be found. Introduction In the present fast era, humans have managed to achieve nearly everything. Globalization has taken place on a vast level and people have become civilized like never before. Media has played a significant role in this sophistication. The urbanization that has been developed has gained not only the interest of the adults but also of the youngsters. When it comes to the term, cyberspace, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as, “The electronic environment in which people communicate through computer networks.” Cyberspace has a wide span of interests for people. It has made a long-lasting impact on today’s generation. However, like everything has both good and bad aspects; the cyberspace, although a simple tool can be used for either good or for ill. The Invention of Electronic Media Many decades ago, humans worked hard to create machines that would make their everyday work easier. They soon triumphed and several scientists succeeded in creating such devices. Soon, the Cyber-World came into existence. Slowly and steadily, its inhabitants grew widely all over the world and its invention lead to a great rise in the interests people had in it. Television, telephone, radio, computers; all of these devices, since their invention, have greatly influenced our everyday lives and one cannot possibly thrive without them

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